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Photo taken by Luis Munoz

Welcome to Anais Zanotti’s Website

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Anais Zanotti  was born and raised in the South of France, St Tropez. She is half French and half Italian. She moved to the States 9 years ago to learn English and became an international model. In about a few years ago, she elevated her modeling career.  Anais  has been on over 40 magazine covers. She has been published on the top male magazines, such as; Playboy, FHM, Maxim, GQ, Esquire, Zoo, Fighters Only, Fight Italy, and Celebrity magazine like, Entrevue France, People magazine, Vogue Spain, Cosmopolitan US, Women Fitness and more. Anais can be seen on all the biggest sports blogs and web magazine has Yahoo Sports Italia, Yahoo France,  Yahoo Argentina, Fox sports Us and latin America. She has been published in numerous print and online magazines, including News Papers all over the world, including New York Daily News,  and recently has been seen on TMZ TV USA, with some paparazzi shots, CNN Turkey and the New York post.

One of Anais’ best features which separates her from other models is she is a stunt woman and certified skydiver with over 1350 jumps. She loves jumping off of different aircrafts, her favorite is the Skyvan with the tailgate in the back where you just run and jump, and also the Helicopter.  She started skydiving over 5 years ago and it became the love of her life. This skill allows her to extend her skills as an actress and model being able to do her own stunts. She  has done stunt work for a few commercials such as Monster drink, diffused in Asia, Hide&Seek cookie India, and Playboy TV which she skydived, and in one of them she was driving a Scorpion car with paddle shifts. She also owned a  a 650 SVs Suzuki Motorcycle for 4 years, has done 10 years of Martial Arts, and is  in her fifth year of Kick Boxing. She can use the Nunchaku, the sword, and can shoot any kind of gun.

She started going to the acting studio, where she learned method acting for over a year, and  has been to a few acting workshops in Miami and New York. Anais has gotten a few acting  and commercials jobs. She was in the movie Exposure with Corey Feldman, her role name was Maria you can find her on IMDb. She worked for the TV show Graceland twice. And this year has a lot more projects in the acting industry.

Anais Zanotti Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anais_Zanotti



Working out

Squats Cable Rows Workout Video.

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Squat Cable Rows!

I love combining two exercises in one as much as I can to get a full body workout, burn more calories.
*The fact that you use your legs as you’re rowing allows you to lift at a heavier weight, which means you’ll ingage your back muscles even more on the negatives than you would if you were rowing normally with a lighter weight.
*Functional training

anais photoshoot

Glutes, Hips, Legs Madness Workout Video.

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To get a great burn and ACTIVATE those GLUTES this CIRCUIT TRAINING can be a killer.
It can be performed as Hitt training, 0 to 30sec rest in between exercises, or more as a study base circuit with heavier weights and more rest time in between exercises.
*For Hitt circuit training per for a minimum of two rounds of each exercises. 12 to 15 reps of each.
*Can be done as a circuit training using two or three exercises at a time.
*For muscle gain, follow the same as the beginning with exercice one for muscle activation then start to add weights. 2 to 4 reps, 1min to 3min of rest for total recovery. 3 to 4 sets of each exercises. Can be done as a horizontal training or vertical.

-1 first one leg up bridge, squeeze the glutes as you come up. You can pose 2sec. That will activate the glutes for the next exercises.
-2 Hip trust, add weights once you have completely mastered the exercise with proper form. Squeeze the glutes, focus on the move.
-3 Sumo squats, with repetition of two small squats then up squeeze the glutes then repeat. Use steps for a deapest squats or plates on the floor would work.
-4 Dumbells squats, make sure your elbows are in close to your body, holding Dumbbells palms facing you. Stand with a wide spread. Squat down 1 rep with toes facing outwards, and then again with toes straight ahead.
-5 Deadlift. Squeeze the glutes.

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Selfie fitness.


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2 to 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercises.
0 to 30sec rest in between reps.
30sec to 60 sec rest in between sets.
-First exercise, Kettebel squats, upright row.
-Second exercise, dumbell squat, front raise.
-Third exercise, Dumbbells sumo squat two in succession, then Arnold press.
-Fourth exercise, Bosu ball lateral lunge, biceps then shoulders with a plate.

Selfie fitness.

Selfie fitness.

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Skydiving in Miami.

Falling thru the sky, Skydiving the love of flying.

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Would you jump of a perfectly good airplane?
I started Skydiving 8 years ago and I have over 1350 jumps.
Skydiving changed my life, all I want to do is fly, my circle of friends are Skydivers.
We share strong experiences, It’s amazing to be able to share something so intense with others that have the same passion.
A lot of people that have not tried skydiving think we are a bunch of crazy people that just love adrenaline and jump, fall, and pull the chute. It’s not like that at all. We plan each jump we are going to do, we practice on the ground exactly what we are going to do. It can take hundred of jumps to perfect certain disciplines of flying. There are so many ways to fly, on our belly, sit fly, head down, angle fly and freestyle. So many discipline and so much to learn in a sport that you never get tired of. It’s very challenging and good for the mind. A lot of jumpers would consider skydiving like Therapy. It can be very peaceful and relaxing at the same time. That’s the only sport that makes you forget everything at the moment that you are flying. Only the present counts.
You can see on the video how relaxed I am and I always have a smile on my face.
I think everyone should try it once in their live.
If you are in Florida, come jump at Skydive Miami at the Homestead Airport, That’s my Drop Zone. :)

Skydiving in Miami

Skydiving in Miami

Skydiving in Miami.

Skydiving in Miami.

Skydiving in Miami.

Skydiving in Miami.

Anais at the beach

Hip-Thrust Booty Lift

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Incorporating hip-trust to your exercises is a great addition with your squats for optimal glute development.
Can be performed without holding a barbell by using your own body weight as resistance.
As you built strength and once you master the move with good form, weight can be added for a more challenging exercice.
This exercice will help you to build strength on your lower back and hips.
-Main muscle work: Glutes
-Other muscles: Calves, Hamstrings.

Anais Fitness tips.

Hips & Glutes blaster on the Hip Abductor Machine

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Hip Abductor machine facing forward and facing rear.
One of my favorite glutes exercises to shape my booty.
4 sets 12-15 reps. Increase weight each set!

*Dont sit on the machine, lift yourself up, it’s more challenging and you will feel the glutes working much more.
*Facing forward, grab the machine, arch your back a little bit, do not round your back, look forward, that will help you to keep better form.
*Facing rear, grab the seat, look ahead of you so that will avoid you to round your back and give you a better posture.

*Go heavy, I usually do 145 up to 220lbs facing forward.
190 up to 305lbs facing rear.