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Glutes, Hips, Legs Madness Workout Video.

Glutes, Hips, Legs Madness Workout Video.

To get a great burn and ACTIVATE those GLUTES this CIRCUIT TRAINING can be a killer.
It can be performed as Hitt training, 0 to 30sec rest in between exercises, or more as a study base circuit with heavier weights and more rest time in between exercises.
*For Hitt circuit training per for a minimum of two rounds of each exercises. 12 to 15 reps of each.
*Can be done as a circuit training using two or three exercises at a time.
*For muscle gain, follow the same as the beginning with exercice one for muscle activation then start to add weights. 2 to 4 reps, 1min to 3min of rest for total recovery. 3 to 4 sets of each exercises. Can be done as a horizontal training or vertical.

-1 first one leg up bridge, squeeze the glutes as you come up. You can pose 2sec. That will activate the glutes for the next exercises.
-2 Hip trust, add weights once you have completely mastered the exercise with proper form. Squeeze the glutes, focus on the move.
-3 Sumo squats, with repetition of two small squats then up squeeze the glutes then repeat. Use steps for a deapest squats or plates on the floor would work.
-4 Dumbells squats, make sure your elbows are in close to your body, holding Dumbbells palms facing you. Stand with a wide spread. Squat down 1 rep with toes facing outwards, and then again with toes straight ahead.
-5 Deadlift. Squeeze the glutes.

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