“EXposure” the movie with Corey Feldman, role name (Maria) ==> Gordon Venture production. Credit on IMDb


“Graceland”     –      The Stripper               USA Network

“Graceland”      –     The hot girl                 USA Network

MMA Cage TV   –    Interviewer             MMA Cage TV 
(Interview w/ Ricardo Liborio & Brad “One Punch” Pickett).

Playboy TV      –      Stunt: Skydiver &       Playboy TV 
       Scorpion car driver

Fred Love tv shoot  – Model                         Fred Love Production

Demo for a tv show named Iron Beauty.


Anais was a stunt double for Playboy TV, doing a skydive, and driving the Scorpion car with pedal shift. 
You can check it out @ and check out “Tamara Sky does Miami” 
- She did a Skydive for a Monster drink Commercial in California, the commercial would be diffuse in Asia and on the Monster site. 
-Commercial for a candy bar from India “HIDE&SEEK”  she did a Skydive as well.


-ITT Commercial, Miami-New York, Business Professional
-Affiliated Real Estate,        Spokes Person          Nicolas Santini Producer
-Monster Drink (Asia)         Stunt: Skydiver         Monster Drink L.A
-Hide&Seek Cookie (India)   Stunt: Skydiver        Will Van Der Vlught Producer

*She is a working actress, she is going every week to the “Miami Acting Studio” where she study “Method Acting”
she is also doing the Masterclasses where she does a Monologue.

*She took a few acting workshops in New York and acting classes. Commercials workshops in Miami.